sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2009

Excerpts from a Thoughtful Mind pt. III

In the shadows of my room, my mind blossoms like a gloom.

Sitting, drowning on my knees, He takes me away, high and far away.

Slowly the peace, tranquility and thrust, covers completely all my young lust.

Hopes, sadness and worries just drifts away. As long as we know that most of this are brought by people. Just people passing by.

But the truth brings inner peace within my mind. I know I need to live life, like some people never will. So show me kindness, show me beauty, show me truth.
The way my heart sound, makes all the difference; it's what decides if I'll endure the pain that we all feel. It makes all the difference, in learning to wait. Wait in Silence. Waiting...

Waiting... to be disciplined
Aching... for your nails across my skin
Waiting... for the day when I will crawl away

Under this mess and idiot prayer
Shutting the feelings worked a slayer
A candle wasting and waxing to nil
Waiting to trigger and blow the big chill

Now I'm inclined only to sleep
Ask me a question the meaning runs deep
Moments are drowning in mantras of rain
Smiling unsmiling there's no need to explain

I wonder if someday, somehow, the God that I pray
Will allow, the blue and the green stare at the same way...

'Desde a antiguidade
Ainda não se viu, ainda não se ouviu

Um Deus que trabalha
Por aqueles que Nele esperam'

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