quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2009

Radioactive Toy

'Run through forests on a hot Summer day
Trying to break down walls of numbing pain

Taste the water from a stream of running death
Eat the apple and cough a dying breath

Feel the sun burning through your black skin
Pour me into a hole, inform my next of kin

Run through graveyards on a dusty Winter day
Spit the dirt out and try to say...

Give me the freedom to destroy
Give me radioactive toy'

The battle's over but the war still rages on. Uncover the inside and try to break through this prison wall, unstabling the truth and masking the uncounscience. The truth is never what it seems, misled by the inner instinct of self preservation and fear of the inevitable consequence brought by the natural course of life. What comes is not what we want, but is still what is needed to face and dare. Simples words could bring and empire down, so lay down your swords and face the wrath of real life. Nothing is ever what it seems. But the middle ages left us, along with all their honor, pride and loyalty. What shall we do on this misplaced minded world, I may ask. Raising your head up and gazing at that great gig on the sky, only screams may speak out loud all the wall through the bravest hearts full of desperate and sorrow. Stepping like a pilgrim on this unknown lands, what is to go, and all that's to come will bound and follow the sunset lights to find the creepy dark side of the mans.
So, tell me with all your conviction...

What happens now?


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